Peter Rein's Cane Sugar Engineering


is directed at active practitioners in the cane sugar and ethanol industry. This includes

  • mill engineers,
  • process
  • production managers,
  • design engineers and
  • students.


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1       Sugarcane

2       Cane evaluation and payment

3       Supply and handling of sugarcane

4       Cane preparation

5       Milling (B.St.C. Moor)

6       Cane diffusion

7       Mill and bagasse conveyors (B.St.C. Moor)

8       Raw juice handling

9       Juice heating

10     Clarification (P.G. Wright and R.J. Steindl)

11     Filtration (P.G. Wright, R. Attard and R.J. Steindl)

12     Evaporation

13     Condensers and vacuum equipment

14     Syrup clarification

15     Crystallization

16     Cooling crystallizers

17     Centrifugal separation

18     Molasses exhaustion

19     Drying and storage of raw sugar
        (D.M. Meadows and S.D. Peacock)

20     Raw sugar quality (A.B. Ravnö)

21     Molasses handling and storage

22     Sugar refining

23     Color and decolorization systems

24     White sugar handling and conditioning
        (D.M. Meadows and S.D. Peacock)

25     Ethanol production
        (C.E. Vaz Rossell, C.K. Yamakawa,

        E.C. Rivera and J. Nolasco Jr.

26     Chemical control of factories

27     Bagasse handling, storage and drying

28     Steam generation (N. Magasiner)

29     Factory steam and energy balance

30     Water and condensate systems

31     The Power Station (M.B. Inkson and T.L. Boshoff)

32     Electricity (T.L. Boshoff and M.B. Inkson)

33     Production of value-added by-products

34     Physical properties

Tables, SI Units

Conversion factors

Subject index